American Roulette Wheel Column Strategy

The four double stroke American Roulette wheel columns come together to form the four parities of the wheel. There are two pins each of equal strength.

american roulette wheel column strategy

The four column strategy has an added advantage in that it gives you more possibilities of winning with a bet. Since the four parities of the wheel are of equal strength, there is no chance of going all in on any one. Instead you can choose one and go for the payoff. You must then focus on one play and see if it pays off.

Punting can also be used here. It is more of a brute force strategy than a column strategy, although it is classified as a column strategy. Here you bet the same amount as the bet you would make at a parity of another wheel. This way you can protect your face value bet if you don’t have the betting capital to make your next bet.

If the ball hits a roulette wheel column that has no face value the bet will count as the punter’s edge. With the punter’s edge this punter has the money made of something else. They may win the bet, if the ball misses the board at the parity or hit a column, but if it hits a weak column that doesn’t have a payoff the punter may lose some money. If this happens the punter wins.

With this kind of strategy you can win the bet, but you must keep an eye on your back pocket to make sure you won’t lose all your money at the parities. This isn’t always possible if you play the wheel with a column strategy because you will have to make multiple bets at parities that don’t pay out.

However, if you’re willing to deal with the loss it can be a very profitable column strategy. It has the downside of going all in if the payoff of a wheel is low.

Although the four-column strategy has a fair risk of going all in it does have the upside of getting more wins from the two consecutive bets. You can build up a bankroll here that will allow you to gamble at parities and see if you can make money.